August is the Perfect Time to Plant Perennials!

Late Summer is a great time to plant perennials in Colorado. The soil is warm and the overnight temperatures are beginning to cool off. These two factors, along with adequate soil moisture is the trifecta of establishing perennials in your garden before the first frost.

A favorite Colorado late-summer blooming perennial Rubeckia fulgida ‘Goldstrum’, commonly known a Black-Eyed Susan, burst with bright yellow daisy-like flowers that cover the plant beginning in early August and will bloom continuously until our first hard frost.  With their tremendous flower power, a single plant is a charming addition to your garden. Planted en masse, they are an absolute traffic stopper!


If you are looking for a companion plant to Black-Eyed Susan, that will make a season long statement in your perennial garden, consider Veronica spicata ‘Sunny Border Blue’. This plant will grow to about 2’ tall and bloom continuously from mid-Summer to late Fall.  It grows upright, and holds it shape throughout the season with an abundance of showy 2-4” flower spikes.


Hummingbird Mint and Hyssop are common names for the plant genus Agastache.  There is a range of plant heights, flower colors, foliage shapes, textures, and even foliage scents.  ‘Licorice Mint’ Hyssop is from this plant genus and just brushing against this plant in your garden, you’ll immediately know why it is called ‘Licorice Mint’.


 A stroll through your local garden this time of year is sure to inspire!  What is your favorite late-Summer blooming perennial?

Allison Gault