About the Plant Something Movement

Plant Something Colorado is part of a nationwide movement that was first established by the Arizona Nursery Association. With other gardeners and plant lovers across the country, we seek to inspire, encourage, and educate people on the extraordinary value of plants – for our communities, our states, and our world. Our flourishing initiative is provided by the Colorado Nursery and Greenhouse Association (CNGA) with the guidance of Plant-Something.org.


Find plants near you

Locate certified nurseries and garden centers in your area.


Ask an expert

Get the professional guidance you need to plant a flourishing garden.

Grow your knowledge

Read insights from local pros on how to grow beautiful, bountiful Colorado landscapes.


Plant strong all year long

Get monthly tips to stay one step ahead in your garden at every time of the year.


Conserve water

Discover landscape drought-savvy practices to save water and keep your plants healthy.


Get in the zone

See which plants are likely to thrive in your area with the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map.


Garden centers

One of the best resources for Colorado gardeners are the local garden centers in your community. Independent garden centers provide top-quality plants, along with trained professionals who are passionate and knowledgeable about gardening.


Colorado State University Extension

The Yard & Garden section of the Colorado State University Extension features educational online resources, documents, publications, news, and programs on successful, responsible gardening in Colorado.


Colorado nursery & Greenhouse association

The Colorado Nursery & Greenhouse Association is a nonprofit trade association of professionals that offers education, legislative advocacy, fellowship, certification, training and operational support. CNGA is the supporting entity behind the Plant Something Colorado initiative.


Planttalk Colorado™

Sponsored by Colorado State University, Planttalk Colorado is a collection of research-based gardening information for the diverse Colorado climate. Newcomers to Colorado will find specific resources for successful gardening.