Create Beautiful Homemade Flower Bouquets

Creating vibrant bouquets with flowers from your own garden is unquestionably one of the sweetest rewards of gardening. A leisurely stroll through your garden almost any time of year is sure to inspire!  Beginning in early spring with an elegant bouquet of tulips and continuing well into fall with asters and mums, rewarding yourself and friends with the gift of fresh flower bouquets is an affordable luxury. 

What is a cutting flower garden?

A cutting flower garden is a garden with a variety of plants that are suitable and intended for cut flower arrangements.  Appropriate plants for a cutting flower garden include annuals, perennials, herbs, and shrubs. Essentially, any plant with either long lasting flowers or other interesting features that would be attractive in a flower bouquet are ideal for this type of garden.

Purposeful gardening

Gardening with a purpose is a growing trend that ranges from growing more of your own food to providing wildlife habitat and supporting pollinators. A cutting flower garden blends perfectly with the purposeful gardening movement. A well-designed cutting flower garden will supply pollinators with a constant food source and you with an abundance of flowers.   

When, where and how to plant a cutting flower garden

Now is the perfect time to plan and plant your flower garden. As with any project, the key to success is in the planning.  Consider the following tips, and be sure to share your beautiful photos using #PlantSomethingCO for a chance to win!

  • Select the location: The best location will be one that gets plenty of sun, with rich soil that drains well.

  • Plan your garden:  Consider the natural bloom time, height and colors of your favorite plants. Select plants with a range of heights, flower colors and that naturally bloom at different times; from early spring through late fall. This will ensure that you have fresh flowers to enjoy throughout the seasons. Be sure to include spring flowering and summer flowering bulbs. 

  • Prepare the soil:  Adding compost will help improve the nutrient and water holding capacity of the soil. This step is fundamental to the health, beauty and longevity of your flower garden.

  • Plant your garden:  Many flowers that are ideal for cutting can easily be grown from seed and directly sown. Nearly unlimited options of seeds and plants are available from your local independently owned garden center. 

  • Fertilize:  For the biggest and brightest blooms, be sure to apply a fertilizer formulated for blooming.

 Enjoy the beautiful garden that you have created and be sure to bring the beauty inside and share your lovely bouquets!

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