Average Last Frost Date for Colorado

When is it safe to plant IN COLORADO?

In order to answer this question, two important pieces of information are necessary:

1. Where in Colorado are you located?

2. What do you want to plant?

As you can see by the Colorado Last Frost Date Map, altitude is a significant factor in determining the average last from date of an area. For example, Denver is considered Zone 14 with an average last frost date between May 21st – May 31st and Castle Rock is considered Zone 16 with an average last frost date falling between June 11th- June 20th!

Equally important is deciding what to plant. Some plants perform best when the nights are still cold and won’t be adversely affected by a late spring frost, others will not survive it.

Sound complicated? Not really, just reference the Colorado Last Frost Date Map, find your City in list, then visit your local independently owned garden center and talk to the Colorado gardening experts. Find an expert here or give us a buzz and we’d be happy to help!