What is Xeriscaping?

7 Principles for a Successful Xeriscape System

Many people not only mispronounce the word “Xeriscape” but also misunderstand exactly what it means – imagining landscapes containing only rock and cacti.

Xeriscape (pronounced ZEER-i-scape) is derived from the Greek word “Xeros,” meaning “dry.” A term coined by Denver Water in 1981, Xeriscape is more than planting low-water plants, such as Yucca, landscaping with rocks or reducing the size of your lawn. It’s an entire system of principles that reduces water needs.

In collaboration with respected plant and landscape experts, Denver Water developed seven principles for a successful Xeriscape system. Approaching Xeriscape as an entire system will help you create not only a water-wise yard, but also a beautiful and sustainable landscape.

To see the seven guiding principles and start your own Xeriscape system, download the Xeriscape fact sheet from the Green Industries of Colorado (GreenCO).