Reliable Research-based Gardening Resources

Colorado’s weather, with our sunny summer days and cool summer nights provide the perfect environment for a plethora of plants to thrive. Whether your gardening inclination leans towards a lush lawn oasis, colorful flowers or an edible landscape, our Colorado weather is usually a gardener’s dream.  However, pests, hail, and even neighborhood critters can present gardening challenges. When faced with any gardening challenge, knowing where to easily find accurate reliable research-based information to answer your specific question quickly, is as simple as an internet search or as quick as a phone call or visit to your local independent garden center.  

Planttalk Colorado™

Whether you are a Colorado native or recent transplant, Planttalk Colorado™  provides reliable information on more than 600 horticultural topics. Planttalk Colorado™  is sponsored by Colorado State University Extension, Denver Botanic Gardens, and the Green Industries of Colorado (GreenCO),  and it is one of the most visited online gardening resources in Colorado.   

Colorado State University Extension

CSU Extension is highly valued for providing science-based resources. Their extensive online library of free gardening publications addresses any gardening challenge or question you have.  This online resource library is easy to use and you will be able to quickly find reliable research-based information.

Your Local Independent Garden Center

Locally owned garden centers throughout Colorado pride themselves on providing reliable gardening advise.  Knowledgeable staff and gardening products to help keep your landscape and garden thriving year-round is as close and as convenient as your local garden center.  


Allison Gault